El Renacimiento de las Criaturas Luminosas

«El Renacimiento de las Criaturas Luminosas» is the second part of “Mitos Submarinos»  inside the wider project La Isla (The Island) started in 2010 and will be in progress probably until 2017.
It expands from Photography to Video art showing a way of relating to nature that has been lost in our civilization.
By showing bodies in their nudity humans are undressed of the veils of modern society connecting with the original state of being, bringing freedom through the acceptance of the body in all its real splendor and escaping fear that prevails in our society.
The island is a symbolic microcosm that contains the whole world.
Models and performers for photographs and film amount to eighty two for now, coming from eighteen different countries and are all connected to the same island, Ibiza.
Almost none are professionals and many have real loving relationships amongst them so that real feelings may show that go beyond the lens strengthening the union between reality and fiction.
They were asked to get in touch with their real self through their own personal expressions of the body according to their abilities and knowledge and also recreating direct or indirect references from cinema, painting, literature and dance.