Sveta Bird

Born in 1983 in Kiev (Ukraine). After finishing high-school she studied five years at the Kiev National Economic University in the Faculty of specialty «Finance.» In 2008 graduated the Ukrainian Academy of Dance. She got the Diploma in the direction


JG was born 1982 in Valencia. She studied Journalism and Drama in the same city.She continued her Dramas Studies in Minsk (WildRusia). She moved to Madrid where she lives now. In 1997 she created Los Anacolutos theatre company where she

Victor Matalí

Victor was born in Barcelona 1984; linked since childhood to the Pitiusas, which mark his creative work and personality. Comes in contact with the audiovisual world and academic arts in the Centro Jaume Bofill, then finalizes his studies in wall applied

Laura López

was born in Valladolid in 1980. She studied law at the University of Salamanca and in the Uned she studied cinematic interpretation and First Team Foundation with Asumpta Serna and Scott Cleverdon. She spent 12 years of her life doing

Sergio Nieva

was born 1979 in Madrid. Holding a degree in economics and translation, he studied at Escuela de Arte Dramático Cristina Rota in Madrid. At the moment, he is further developing its training in physical theatre and theatre of movement at