Daily Life in Laos

Laotian society is characterized by semi-independent rural villages engaged in subsistence agricultural production. Ethnic, geographic, and ecological differences create variations in the pattern of village life from one part of the country to another. Life and river are tightly linked

Nepali Women

In the context of a strictly pathriarchal society where the female genre has a high dependance on her husband and father,  this report is meant to be as a small tribute to the working women in Nepal.  Most of them

Viva Cuba Libre

The reality of Cuba in the new millennium is very complex and not easy to tell. Without doubt, it is far from being the utopic Caribbean Island of dreams sold by many travel agencies. Many thought that the revolution would


The masked man shows another aspect of himself, revealing his deepest desires.Although disguised behind a mask, a small fragment of a person’s face becomes so detailed that it can be an open window into the most profound aspects of his