Mitos Submarinos

In Mitos Submarinos, Marco Ferraris expands the sphere of elements to water, where new gods, belonging to different religions, meet. They carry on their search of origins, coming back to a sort of primordial amniotic fluid. The mother goddess Athirat and Atargatis, mermaid-goddess of fertility, meet other water gods, like Delpriandea, muse of the dolphins, giving birth to a myth of regeneration. The water element, through magic, represented by Aradia, enables transformation. In the alternation between darkness and sharp flashes of light, the figures meet, lightly touching each other, and, suspended in a sculptural balance, as in the previous pictures, shape the surrounding environment.

The island represents an open space we visit to find new meanings each time. Although we are aware – as Prospero is on his own island – that recreating an uncontaminated microcosm, away from the troubles of the world we come from, is often an illusion, we know that, as Borges writes in his Fragments from an Apocryphal Gospel (used as a comment on the images),“ Nothing is built on stone, everything on sand, but our duty is to build as if sand were stone (41)”.
Anna Viola Sborgi


Mitos Submarinos-Atargatis