Sergio Nieva

was born 1979 in Madrid. Holding a degree in economics and translation, he studied at Escuela de Arte Dramático Cristina Rota in Madrid. At the moment, he is further developing its training in physical theatre and theatre of movement at Escuela de Mar Navarro y Andrés Hernández. Recently, he has worked in the following film productions, being noteworthy: Puedes empezar, by Manuel Dañino and Dark was the night, by Bettina Baukelmann.

Sergio Nieva about “Zapatos Rojos”:

“One of my best and at the same time most exhausting works until present. It has been possible due to the intense collaboration and work with the director Marco Ferraris and its sometimes “different-non-conventional” ideas. ZR represents a new more visual form of telling stories, with implies the whole essence of my acting techniques”.