Sveta Bird

Born in 1983 in Kiev (Ukraine). After finishing high-school she studied five years at the Kiev National Economic University in the Faculty of specialty «Finance.»

In 2008 graduated the Ukrainian Academy of Dance. She got the Diploma in the direction of choreographer of modern dance.

She is dancing from 7 years: folk, classical, contemporary choreography. In 2006 discovered contact improvisation, which affected further life: meetings, insights, events, perception of the world.
At the moment, she is a freelance dancer, teacher, and organizer various activities in the area of contact improvisation. Also she works as the sculptor of small forms (all began as a children’s hobby) and a master of traditional Thai yoga massage.

“I met with Marco in Spain in summer 2011. The meeting occurred in a cave with red clay, and afterwards we decided to work together on his Project. Working with Marco – was my first experience as a photo-model. It was very interesting to find unusual places on the island and work on creating an image using everything:  We were working on the set of Ophelia  in the night at one of the northern beaches of the island near the fishing huts.  laid in cold water, wrapped in a transparent curtain lace trying to stay on the water so that I was not drift out of the Light.  All around me, Marco and those helping tried to create the desired light using lanterns.